We need to celebrate.

We need to celebrate.

We need more celebration at work.

Real celebration. The scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs, carry-the-coach-out-on-your-shoulders kind of celebration. Wins matter and we need to acknowledge them

As my team filmed a viral video for our social media marketing class (below: please watch a million times, we’re competing for views against other MBA teams), I was reminded of a conversation with Buddy Hobart (www.solutions-21.com) about how world-class performers celebrate their successes. Why can’t we celebrate like a football team would when we land a big deal? Why do we settle for a “thanks to so-and-so for great work” in a snoozefest of a team meeting?


Gen Y is often accused of wanting to be coddled, having an extreme need for constant positive reinforcement. But, really, who wouldn’t want to have a team so excited about your success that they’d give you a Gatorade bath after a major career achievement?

One of my favorite things about Pitt is that we celebrate successes. We reward good work in business plan competitions, post successes on the rotating announcement boards that are located throughout the building, and congratulate each other in the halls. It’s not major out-and-out celebration, but I think it’s a great culture to build.

How do you celebrate at work? How could you do it better? Would you stretch your goals a bit more if you know your work would be celebrated?